Could you do with a New Loft Ladder?

  A new loft ladder can improve the storage capability and access to your loft. This helps you to put things away until they are needed and free up valuable living space, which is your first step to a tidier home.

A new loft ladder is stored above the loft hatch, so you don’t need to keep any steps or ladders around the house.

Even better, a pull down ladder won’t scuff your walls and is much quicker to use. It is also easier and safer to use because the ladder is secured at the top.

We supply and install new loft ladders in your home with the minimum of fuss. We provide a free site survey to ensure you have the right loft ladder for your requirements.

We have a range of loft ladders to choose from, including our best-selling folding loft ladders, as well as sliding loft ladders, fire-resistant loft ladders, and concertina loft ladders.

You can see further information about them on our web site in our guide to choosing a new loft ladder.

All of our timber loft ladders and metal loft ladders are made by Fakro. They have tested their ladders to British Standards BS EN 131 and committed to only using FSC Certified timber in their products. Their attention to function and style and extensive range of sizes allows us to deliver a first class loft ladder fitting service.

New Loft Ladders

You can see from our web site that we don’t charge for things a competitor might include as hidden charges, and we go the extra mile to produce a neat finish. Simple things such as free paint preparation and taking away all our packaging for recycling can make a difference, and save you money. See our guide to loft ladder installation to find out more.

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