Choosing a New Loft Ladder

Loft ladders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so there is something suitable for every home. Choosing a new loft ladder will depend on several factors.

There are many different aspects to choosing a suitable loft ladder, such as hatch size, ceiling height, clearances, roof construction and building regulations. If you want to discuss your requirements you are welcome to contact us

We can recommend a suitable loft ladder for you when you contact us and arrange a free site survey

New Loft Ladder Installation includes...

Free Survey

Contact us today to arrange your free site survey

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery within our local area

Expert Fitting

New Loft Ladder fitting is only carried out by experienced installers

Free Preparation

We fit the loft hatch surround primed and ready for a top coat

Free Recycling

All packaging materials are taken away and recycled for you

FSC Certified

All of our timber products are FSC Certified

Safety Standards

New Loft Ladders are safety tested to BS EN 131

What is a trussed-roof ?

Trussed-RoofThe size of your loft hatch can be increased to improve access. However this is dependent on the type of roof you have. A trussed-roof is often found in newer homes because they are cheaper and save time during construction. The triangle of timbers found in a trussed-roof are designed to work as a single unit, to support one another and your roof, and they can’t be changed without engineering calculations. A quick way to tell if you have a trussed-roof is to see whether your loft area has lots of rows of supporting timbers in a ‘w’ shape arrangement making it hard for you to move around. If you have a small loft hatch and a trussed-roof it is usually more cost-effective to have a space-saving concertina loft ladder than to have any alterations made to your loft hatch.