Concertina Loft Ladder

Concertina Loft Ladder

Our concertina loft ladder made by Fakro can fit into the smallest of spaces. When the loft hatch is closed the ladder is stored on the top of the hatch and doesn’t require any swing space or clearances in the loft space.

It is ideal for situations where the hatch is adjacent to a wall or obstructions in the loft that would otherwise prevent a folding loft ladder or slide loft ladder from being operated.

The scissors system for folding the concertina ladder and the ability to lock the hatch in a fully open position ensure ease and safety of operation. The S-shaped strings with rounded side supporters give a modern appearance and perform the role of a handrail, helping you to climb the ladder easily and safely.

The heat-insulating hatch has a peripheral seal to reduce draughts and heat loss. The hatch fixings are not visible when the hatch is closed.

Loft Ladder and Installation: £575.00

New Loft Ladder Installation includes...

Free Survey

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Free Delivery

We offer free delivery within our local area

Expert Fitting

New Loft Ladder fitting is only carried out by experienced installers

Free Preparation

We fit the loft hatch surround primed and ready for a top coat

Free Recycling

All packaging materials are taken away and recycled for you

FSC Certified

All of our timber products are FSC Certified

Safety Standards

New Loft Ladders are safety tested to BS EN 131

Concertina Loft Ladders...

  1. Concertina Scissor-Action Loft Ladder with Insulated Hatch including installation £575.00
    - ladder length (LST): 250-280cm
    - hatch sizes: 51x80cm, 60x90cm, 60x120cm, 70x80cm, 70x120cm
  2. Concertina Scissor-Action Loft Ladder with Fire-Resistant Hatch including installation £825.00
    - ladder length (LSF): 250-280cm
    - hatch sizes: 50x70cm, 60x90cm, 60x120cm, 70x80cm, 70x90cm, 70x110cm, 70x120cm

A fire-resistant hatch is also available with a timber folding ladder - see our page on fire-resistant loft ladders.

Our Range of New Loft Ladders includes...

Folding Loft Ladder

Installed £450.00

Sliding Loft Ladder

Installed £395.00

Fire Resistant Loft Ladder

Installed £625.00

Concertina Loft Ladder

Installed £575.00